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The Actual Cash Value of the equivalent vehicle without damage. If the vehicle will be posted for auction with the defects, then the ACV means the actual cash value before the defects has occurred. The actual cash value of the vehicle is obtained from the Kelley Blue Book www.kbb.com but it can also be obtained from many other sources on the World Wide Web. This information is presented for informational purposes only. HenicalAutoAuctions is not responsible for its accuracy and compliance for the vehicle.


Body type

The manufacturer determined designation of the vehicle configuration in accordance with the generally accepted division of vehicles in categories.



It describes the color of the vehicle body. Color is not a name of color as specified by the manufacturer, but only a general descriptive name.


Auction price
The current price, which is the highest price offered for this vehicle. Price always is indicated in USD.


 Online Auction info

The auctioneer's published comments at the time of the auction in relation to the vehicle to be auctioned.


The manufacturer determined specific number of engine cylinders for the vehicle.


Type of damage

Damage type codes are used to indicate known defects in the vehicle. Damage types are listed as the Primary and the Secondary. The type of damage codes indicate important information about vehicle defects and therefore should not be interpreted in such a way as to one defect being more important than the other. Codes as the information may not accurately reflect the nature of the defect or amount of repair. Damage type codes may not be used for the determination of residual value. HenicalAutoAuctions proposes that the participant in auction should carefully read the information provided on the vehicle prior to participate in the auction.


  • AO - ALL OVER  / from all sides.
  • BC - BIOHAZARDOUS/CHEMICAL  / biologically hazardous/chemical.
  • BE - BURN – ENGINE  / fire damage to the engine.
  • BI - BURN – INTERIOR  / fire damage to the interior.
  • BN – BURN  / fire damage.
  • CC - CASH FOR CLUNKERS  / scrap.
  • DH - DAMAGE HISTORY  / previously been damaged.
  • FD - FRAME DAMAGE REPORTED  / damage of the frame.
  • FR - FRONT END  / damage of the front end.
  • HL - HAIL  / damage caused by hail.
  • MC - MECHANICAL  / mechanical damage (external).
  • MN - MINOR DENTS/SCRATCHES  / minor scratches.
  • NW - NORMAL WEAR  / normal wear.
  • PR - PARTIAL/INCOMPLETE REPAIR   / partly or completely repaired.
  • RJ - REJECTED REPAIR / damage eliminated.
  • RO – ROLLOVER  / rollover.
  • RR - REAR END /damage of the rear end.
  • SD - SIDE  / damage of the side.
  • ST - STRIPPED  / disassembled.
  • TP - TOP/ROOF  / roof.
  • UK - UNKNOWN   / unknown.
  • UN - UNDERCARRIAGE   / undercarriage.
  • VI - MISSING/ALTERED VIN  /  missing/altered VIN.
  • VN - VANDALISM   / vandalism.
  • VP - REPLACED VIN  / replaced VIN.
  • WA - WATER/FLOOD  / water/flood.

The manufacturer determined designation of engine drive for the vehicle.

FWD – Front Wheel Drive.

RWD – Rear Wheel Drive.

AWD – All Wheel Drive.


Specification of the engine is indicated in VIN of the vehicle. Engine code indicates the manufacturer determined engine capacity in cm3. HenicalAutoAuctions proposes that the participant in auction should carefully read the information provided on the vehicle prior to participate in the auction to make sure that the vehicle is fitted with the original equipment at the time of auction.


Expected Future Date of Auction (Future)
Auction date has not yet been assigned for these vehicles but the bids are already being accepted, and they will be advanced to the auction in the coming weeks. All processing of documents required to sell these vehicles has been completed and submitted to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles - the US federal registry of vehicles). HenicalAutoAuctions is waiting for processing of documents implemented by DMV, which may be delayed due to the change of legal status of the vehicle after the road accidents, and other legal processes. Once the processing in DMV is completed, they will be immediately posted for sale.



The place where the vehicle is located. The state abbreviation and name of the settlement is indicated. Costs of the vehicle delivery from the US and applicable tariffs can be found on the Website.


Specifies the type of fuel, which is intended by the manufacturer for the definite engine type of the vehicle. Specification of the engine indicated in VIN of the vehicle.


Each vehicle is represented in the ten (10) digital images in JPEG format.


Auction sequence number

The sequence numbers indicate the order, in which the vehicles will be auctioned online. Auctions with a large number of vehicles are divided into lanes:


Item Numbers




Run & Drive Lots



Rental Cars



Motor Cycles



Boats/Jet Skis/Marine



Heavy Equipment



Recreational Vehicles






Salvage Lots



Run & Drive Lots



Salvage Lots



Salvage Lots



Salvage Lots



Salvage Lots



Indicates whether the vehicle key is in possession of the HenicalAutoAuctions.
Auction number
Auction number is a unique identifier assigned to each vehicle.
Make is the brand of the vehicle manufacturer.
Maximum auction price
The maximum price at which the participant is ready to buy the vehicle at auction. BID4 gradually will raise the auction price for the vehicle in the name of the participant to keep the upper hand in the auction until it will not exceed the maximum price determined by the participant.


Model means a particular brand of vehicle sold under a make of a manufacturer.


Mileage codes are represented with photofixation to reflect by certain reliability the odometer readings.


  • A - ACTUAL   / Actual.
  • E - EXEMPT   /  Exempt.
  • N - NOT ACTUAL  / Not actual.
  • X - EXCEEDS MECHANICAL LIMITS / Possibly exceeds mechanical limits.

"ACTUAL" - means that the odometer reading is probably true and reflects the actual mileage of the vehicle.

"EXEMPT" - means that, in accordance with the US Federal law, it is not required that the vehicle shall be equipped with an odometer.

"NOT ACTUAL" - means that the odometer reading probably is not accurately reflecting the actual mileage of the vehicle or it is not possible to check.

"EXCEEDS MECHANICAL LIMITS" - means that the actual mileage may be inaccurate because the odometer probably has exceeded its capacity.


Auction date
The auction date is the scheduled day when the vehicle will be posted in the online auction. Each state of the United States is organizing auctions on a regular basis. Please follow our auction calendar equipped with a search function to get the complete information about the vehicle auction dates.


Vehicle status

The status is determined for each vehicle, which depends on whether the higher priced bidder will be approved as the auction winner.

Pure Sale – Auction with no minimum reserved auction final price. The vehicle will be assigned to the bidder of the highest auction sum in the online auction without any restrictions.

On Approval – the vehicle owner has granted himself the right to assess and decide after auction whether to approve the final highest bid price, or advance the vehicle for the repeated auction. The highest bidder in the auction is obliged to buy the vehicle if the acceptance is received from the owner of vehicle.

Minimum Bid - the owner of the vehicle prior to the auction has determined the minimum reserved price of the vehicle, and in cases when it is not exceeded at the auction, has assigned himself the right of option in relation to the acceptance of the highest bid price or refusal to accept it. If the owner of vehicle refuses to accept the highest bid, both parties have the right to make their own minimum price bid. If the minimum reserved price is exceeded in the auction, all constraints are automatically cancelled and higher priced bidder is approved as the auction winner.


Auction starting bid
The auction starting bid is zero for all vehicles; starting price, which is determined by the first bidder, is getting the current price.


Tytle Type.
Tytle Type means the vehicle ownership document. Each state issues a wide range of different ownership documents. Each document type comes along with certain ownership rights and some include restrictions. HenicalAutoAuctions recommends the participant to read the ownership documents of the definite vehicle prior the auction.  Appropriate licenses/permits are necessary for purchase of separate vehicles.


VIN means an identification number assigned by the manufacturer of the vehicle.



The year means the year of production of the model determined by the manufacturer.






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